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Our new inspection tool ensures that each vehicle is inspected in the same way, every time, and in line with your requirements - allowing comparisons to be made and giving certainty and peace of mind both in the service offered and in subsequent decision making

Using the latest technologies, BCA Inspect Pro geotags and time stamps all images that are taken, and provides the facility to take additional images of damage areas, which can then be annotated to highlight any damage or feature of interest. 

As the damage is recorded the system produces a cost for repair/replacement, providing your customer with an indication of the charges at the end of the process that they might be invoiced for and those items that they will not be charged for. 

BCA Inspect Pro provides the flexibility to be able to work to any number of customer determined standards depending on your specific needs, including manufacturer specific standards or BVRLA guidelines.   Management reports can also be provided, tailored to your needs to provide greater insight and visibility of the value of our inspection services to your vehicle remarketing performance.

The intuitive user interface and easy to use drop down boxes and imaging functionality makes it a quick and efficient way to complete a vehicle inspection, minimising any disruption to your customer’s day. 

Benefits Summary

  • Intuitive and easy to use.  Simple user interface means it is easy and straightforward to use, eliminating errors and reducing the length of the inspection time.
  • Flexible and Configurable.  The App can be easily configured to your chosen standards and processes.  You decide what is acceptable wear and tear, and what is chargeable and BCA Inspect Pro is configured accordingly, ensuring consistency across vehicle inspections.
  • Scalable and repeatable. Every vehicle is inspected using a similar process, the same bench marks and measures, so you get an accurate and consistent inspection every time.
  • Transparent and open.  The App makes the inspection process transparent and auditable with a clear record of the vehicle’s condition, featuring any damage and associated costs – reducing end of contract customer complaints management and increasing claim recovery.
  • Comprehensive and auditable.  The app delivers a full report of the vehicle’s condition, any damage incurred, proposed repair methodology and associated costs – all backed up with high definition photography and video, your customers signature and comments.