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How BCA Inspect Pro will benefit your business and your customers

  • Overall improved customer experience (NPS/CSI scoring)
  • Reduction in your back office administration
  • Reducing days to final payment and remarketing

Easy to use inspection tool

  • Improved employee experience when talking to customers
  • Customers time impacted less

Highly flexible and configurable tool regarding pricing and return standards

  • Easy to amend pricing and standards
  • Customer treated fairly in terms of pricing and return standards

Consistent inpection process

  • Customer satisfaction. Less contested returns.
  • All customers treated fairly and equally

Ability to send web link to customer to review imagery

  • Allows your team to communicate and resolve disputes more efficiently
  • Transparency to your customer utilising imagery to clearly see damage

Near real time inspection results available to you and your customer

  • Allows immediate resolution of customer claim issues
  • Quicker resolution of damage disputes

Improved imagery to high definition quality allowing zoom functionality

  • Further reduced ‘grey areas’ reducing contested claims
  • Even clearer imagery highlighting damage to customers

High definition video

  • Further reducing contested grey areas and reducing days to payment of damage invoices
  • Further enhancing the ability for the customer to see identified damage

Details within standard damage

  • Improves success of charging for damage outside of standard by detailing what you have not charged for
  • Makes the customer aware of the damage you have not charged them