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British Car Auctions

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At the auction

  • Vehicle details – A printout will be placed on the windscreen identifying key information such as make, model, documentation and also any important declarations (please read these carefully). There may also be a condition report or BCA Assured mechanical report (if applicable).
  • Vehicle exterior / interior - The majority of vehicles are graded prior to the sale, you can find out more about grading here. It is the buyers responsibility to check the vehicles overall exterior condition - paintwork, trim, tyres - and the interior e.g. seats and carpets before the sale. All of our vehicles will be available for external visual inspection approximately 1 hour prior to the sale and internal visual inspection just before the vehicle is driven through the hall. However, please be aware we do not offer test drive facilities due to health and safety regulations. 
  • Service history – Information relating to service history will be included on the vehicle information sheet displayed on the windscreen of the vehicle.  The auctioneer may also announce the service history information, along with details of whether services were carried out at a main dealer (often referred to as franchised dealer) or other source.  The presence of a service history does not indicate that manufacturer recommended service intervals have been met or that manufacturer recommended work has been carried out.
  • Legal ownership - BCA guarantees good title in perpetuity.  If a question of legal ownership comes to light (outstanding hire purchase or credit on the vehicle, a stolen vehicle or an undeclared insurance write-off) BCA will refund the buyer the purchase price and any fees paid.  This is not transferable to subsequent owners.
  • Bid clearly by raising your hand - The auctioneer will take your bid and, if other people are also bidding, will ensure you have ample time to make further bids should you wish.  There may also be online buyers bidding.  Their bids will be displayed on large screens in the auction hall.
  • Selling description - Listen carefully to the auctioneer, who will read out the details of the vehicle before starting the bidding. The description by the auctioneer is legally binding and overrides what is printed online or in catalogues.
  • "No major mechanical faults" - If the vehicle is described as "no major mechanical faults" this means the vehicle should not have any major faults in the engine, gearbox, clutch, brakes, steering or transmission.  Any claims are limited to being reported within 1 hour of the auction ending.
  • Specified faults – The auctioneer reads out particular defects notified by the seller.
  • Sold as seen - The vehicle is sold with any faults it may have.  These may include faults to the engine, suspension, drivetrain and gearbox. BCA will not accept any complaints about mechanical or cosmetic condition or roadworthiness after the vehicle is sold.
  • Sold with a warranted mileage - The mileage has been warranted as correct by the seller.  If, post-sale, the mileage is believed to be incorrect, it is the buyers responsibility to report this suspicion with evidence to BCA within five working days. The vehicle does not have to have service history present to be sold with warranted mileage as the seller may have carried out other checks to provide assurance.
  • BCA Assured report – This is an independent multi-point vehicle check carried out by the AA at BCA and is sold on the description contained in this report. The AA Inspectors make over 30 checks on the vehicle to make sure as a buyer you have accurate information and complete transparency of the mechanical condition of the vehicle. BCA Assured covers a range of features from the condition of the tyres, to engine running, to a VOSA approved brake check. This is not a full mechanical inspection and does not warrant the condition of the vehicle once it is sold. For BCA Assured Terms and Conditions please find out more here.
  • When purchasing a car from BCA the VAT is inclusive of the hammer price. VAT is not accounted for separately and VAT is not added on to the hammer price. If you purchase a commercial vehicle VAT is added on top of the hammer price as an additional fee.
  • All cars that are entered through BCA are sold either as "Marginal" or "VAT Qualifying" please see below the meanings of these descriptions.

This means that no VAT can be claimed back on the vehicle by a customer that is VAT registered.
VAT Qualifying
This is where a customer that is VAT registered, purchasing the vehicle for a qualifying purpose, is able to claim VAT back on the vehicle, as it was originally bought by: Leasing and Contact Hire Companies, Daily Rental Companies & Taxi Firms/Driving schools for business use.

Terms and Conditions - Full BCA Terms and Conditions can be found here