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Get to know Black Horse:

Black Horse provides the finance for cars, motorbikes, scooters, caravans and motorhomes. When reselling these vehicles at BCA Auctions we market vehicles using four criteria making it easier for you to find the vehicles you want. 

1. Black Horse section
2. Black Horse Corporate Recoveries
3. Black Horse Part-Exchanges
4. Black Horse Ex-PCP

1. Black Horse section
Vehicle profile:  Voluntary Surrenders, Voluntary Terminations and Repossessions. Our customers are required to take good care of their vehicles. Therefore most of the stock that returns through these channels is able to be retailed with minimal effort.

2. Black Horse Corporate Recoveries section
Vehicle profile: Black Horse finances corporate assets and occasionally recover these assets and remarket them through BCA. Vehicles in this section typically have warranted mileage with some VAT Qualifying. 

3. Black Horse Part-Exchanges section
Vehicle profile Private part-exchanges received at our vehicle leasing and finance outlets
Majority of vehicles with warranted mileage.

4. Black Horse Ex-PCP section
Vehicle profile: Section consists of PCP vehicles returning at the end of their contract term. The quality of this stock is generally high both cosmetically and mechanically. In most cases, mileage is warranted.

Car Sales

Blackbushe - 11:10am

Every Monday includes Mechanical reports Up to 100 cars per sale.

Brighouse - 11:00am

Thursday 13th & 27th June includes Mechanical reports

Livingston - 10:00am

Every Wednesday Up to 75 cars.

Manchester - 9:30am

Every Friday includes Mechanical reports

Nottingham - 1:00pm

Every Tuesday includes Mechanical reports

Motorbike Sales

Peterborough - 10:30am

Thursday 27th June Every last Thursday of the month. Motorbikes, mopeds, scooters and Quad bikes.

LCV Sales

Blackbushe - 1:00pm

Every Thursday